Daikin Air Purifier MC55

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Special Price 1,650.00 AED Regular Price 1,785.00 AED
Brand/Model Daikin MC55
Dimensions L x W x H 27cm x 27cm x 50cm
Power supply Single phase 220/240 V

Detail / DAIKIN HP


* Streamer Technology can inactivate different type of viruses (14 kinds), Bacteria (11 kinds), pollen (16 kinds), Molds, Allergens & hazardous gases

* Triple detection sensor to identify dust, PM2.5 and odor and react accordingly. Wide powerful suction from 3 different directions

* 3 level filtration System: Long life Electrostatic HEPA Filter with high performance of 10 years. It removes more than 99% of particles between 0.1μm and 2.5μm in size. Odor filter for neutralizing unpleasant odors and a pre-filter for large dust particles

* PM 2.5 level-indicator: 6 stages | Dust Level Indicator: 3 stages | Odor Level Indicator: 3 stages | Anti-pollen mode | Child proof lock | Airflow rate: Quiet/Low/Standard/Turbo | Eco Mode

* 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty; Certified and tested by ECARF

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